Advice/Tips for new student bloggers

Blog post are created every half of a second, that’s over 175,000 new blog posts every day. That’s a lots of content out there for potential readers to be sifting through. That shows the reasons why only the ones who stand out will get the chance to get the attention of the readers. The advice/ tips that I will give a new student bloggers is to take the time to build his blog up by following the advice that the teacher gives and by visiting other existing blogs in the internet to get different ideas. After being familiar with the blog, then the student should learn the tips on how to make his blog post better in order to gain the reader’s attention. That will not happen overnight, it is going to take times and a few posts. The tips I find very helping in making a post better are:

  • Length of the post- not too long, not too short. People usually skip a blog post if it is too long or too short. Therefore, limit your blog post to at least 250 words
  • Be you, be original- do not be afraid to express your thoughts. Be completely honest with your words. It will be something new that has not been written before. That is what exactly most readers are looking for.
  • Use images, videos, and links to break up your contents. It will make your blog post way more better than if it is only words
  • Forget what you learned in English class- blogging is a new style of writing than and essays or a formal tone, try to have a conversation with the readers through your post by keeping your paragraphs minimum.
  • Share your blog/post on social media
  • End your post with a call of action- that help creating a two way street with you and your readers and it’s great way to get feedback from your readers

By following these advices/tips, a new student blogger will eventually see his blog post keep getting better.


Nike training club


In this era we live in, people are more into fitness and wellness in order to live a long, healthy life. Fitness does not only refer to being physically fit. But also refers to a person mental states as well. If a person is physically fit, but mentally unwell or troubled, he or she will not be able to function optimally. Therefore, we can say that physical and mental fitness play very important roles in our lives and help us to be less prone to medical conditions. Therefore, for this week blog post, I have used the best health and fitness apps. The one that I liked the most was Nike Training Club. It is designed specifically for women as you can see in this video:  review of the app. This app provides more than 85 instructor-narrated fitness routines—basically it’s an audio-only exercise video you can play from your phone. It tracks your progress and rewards efforts with custom workouts created by Nike’s professionals, pro athletes and celebrities such as Glee star Lea Michele, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, and personal trainer Ary Nunez, who trains Rihanna. Create playlists to go along with your workouts, and, if ever you don’t understand what the instructor is talking about, you can click into a video demonstration for each move. Available for iPhone only. I have chosen an app that is designed for women just to see how this app work towards influencing women to be more active. Because women tend to be more sensitive than men when it comes to working out. For men working out is like a sport, we do it because it is fun and competitive. Contrary to men, for women fitness is a superficial issue. They do it because it help them look better. The only thing they have in common when it comes to fitness is that they both tend to overlook the health benefits of exercise.

10 things not to do while driving

Here is a list of what not to do while driving:

  1. chat on cellphone is one of the worst things to do while drivingchat on cell
  2. Eat food because it is a major distraction when driving2
  3. Get distracted by children3
  4. Get sleepy4
  5. Get distracted by the radio5
  6. Slowing down and rubbernecking may cause accident by lack of paying attention of the driver and distraction.6
  7. Getting angry7
  8. Undressing/ dressing8
  9. Texting, emailing, using social media are really dangerous things to do while driving and it’s advertised everywhere but people are still doing it knowing the consequences.9
  10. Retrieving anything, from anywhere10

Language Barrier to Communication


For this week blog, I decided to write about language barrier to communication. Therefore I visited this blog online called Businesstopia in order to find information more information about this broad topic. We all know that language is needed for any kind of communication, even people with speech impairments communicate with sign language and brail. However, it can be difficult to communicate with other people in situations where people do not understand each other. When we talk about this topic, the first thing that come in my mind is difference of language. But there is more than that: regional accents, Dialects and pidgin, use of jargon and slang, word choice, literacy and linguistic ability, and grammar and spelling. As an international student coming from a French colonized country to the United States, I can relate about this topic. When I first came to the United States I only spoke French, therefore I could not communicate with the majority of the people. Not being able to communicate or understand others can be hard and stressful at times. Especially, when you encounter someone that is not understanding of the situation or does not have any patience. The hardest part about being in a country where you do not speak the language is that sometimes people may be seeing you as someone who is not intelligent.  All that negativity motivated me to learn the language and in less than two years I was able to communicate with people in an effective way. however, there is people that motivates you to go and learn the language as said in this video about language barrier. I still struggle at times about grammar and spelling, regional accents, dialects and pidgin, use of jargon and slang, and mostly word choice. Words you say or write can be interpreted in any way, therefore choosing the right words is very important. However, with a language barrier sometimes our choice of word used does not send the proper meaning of what we intended to actually say.

Twitter Scavenger Hunt

  • Photo of your favorite scenic spot on campus

  • Photo or quote that exemplifies the variety of clubs, organizations, and activities available to students at our universities.

  • Your very own final unique tidbit of information/photo about our campus. be creative

  • photo or quote that reveals how your school contributes to cutting edge research and learning

  • where students get their news from around school

  • photo or quote from somebody about their thoughts on the upcoming season for a specific sport

  • photo or quote revealing school spirit

  • Photo or quote of favorite eating spot or hang out on campus
  • photo or quote of something you think that many people might not know about your school or campus
  • Photo or quote from a professor on campus. ask them what role they think social media play in our society today. be sure you include the professor’s title and department

Social Media




Currently, I only use two types of social media. The types of social media I use are: Facebook and Twitter. Most of the time, I used them through my cellphone. It is the easiest way to get connected since I have the apps inside my cellphone. Also, by using them through my phone, there will not be any difficulties of signing in and out, or forgetting my password as it would be in a computer.I use social media for multiple purposes. However, I mostly use them to connect with my family and friends back home. Social media has made that connection easier. Facebook is the app I use the most. Because of it, sometimes I feel like I never left my country. I can even find out certain things through Facebook without people even telling me. I use it to talk to my family and friends back home by messages or live videos. You can stream a live video from a computer as well as demonstrated in the video. I also use it to upload photos, videos, and things I am interested in. I have not used twitter for a while now. However when I do, I usually keep it professional. The most things I tweet about are sports related topics. I re tweet other followers a lot if I find their tweets somehow interesting or related to me.I wish that twitter would allow us to write more than only 140 characters. I guess that is something that everyone that has a twitter account wishes it happen since as said in this article of Farhad Manjoo:” it is the world’s best sources for news and for jokes about news, a playground for professional networking, and a haven for that most human of pastimes, idle gossip.”The social media I use the most is Facebook, I spent all my free times talking to family members as mentioned above especially my mother since she is still back in Africa. We video chat frequently when she has a free time. That is the only reason she has a Facebook account. It is easier to reach her through Facebook and she will be able to see me. Plus it will be free for her.


Copy and Conquer

great post Jordan! social media has evolved so much throughout the years. it can be very beneficial and motivational when used the right way. but sadly, sometimes people use it the wrong way. I find it very interesting how you talked about twitter and Facebook, especially the Facebook live. I am not very familiar with it, but after reading your post, I learn a few important things about it that I can use whenever I decide to try it. Also, using Donald trump as an example was brilliant. he knows how to use social media to its advantages. overall, I think this was a great post.

twitter scavenger huntT

hey Jordan, great job on your twitter scavenger hunt. I think that you did a good job on organizing the tweets and finding the right pictures that fits the descriptions. I enjoyed going though it, it is original. beehive is a quite place to study and grab food in your way to class. However, I like Rogalski center better. I fell like there are more varieties when it come to food. overall, good job though

Smart phone become smarter and smarter

Nico, I found your post really interesting and up to date. I can just agree with you that smartphone become smarter and smarter. However, it has advantages and disadvantages as you mention it in your blog post. It just depends on how we use it. In example for me, smartphones make it easier for me to communicate with friends and family. Back in a days, I could not be able to communicate with family and friends that easy.

10 things you should do this summer in the Quad Cities

Great Post Natalie! I am not familiar with the Quad Cities that much. therefore, by reading your post I found some new things to add to my to do lists around here. thank you for sharing this with us, I am definitely going to visit the Quad cities Botanical Gardens at Rock Island


Jordan, I agree with you that when it comes to fitness, watching what you eat to make sure that you are eating right is very important. we get most of our nutrients needed for our body to function from food, therefore having an app that tells you what you eat and how it is going to affect your body is vital. I have used fitness apps before, and I know that most users of the apps love MyfitnessPal